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ID wip by Chelsea-L-Stirling ID wip by Chelsea-L-Stirling
a little something i'm currently working on while i have free time in my hands (something i rarely have now).

in case you're wondering, this is sort of my current RL look (excluding the green highlights).

i also have a little bit of a confession: due to the fact that i was bullied a bit in elementary and most of middle school (which lead me to having very few friends back then), bullied by my older cousin a bit (she was always hard on me), in addition to my few anger problems, i almost literally beat up my RL cousin close to Christmas, and not having a lot of inspiration for the past year, i developed an interest in goth like material. because of what i did to my RL cousin, my grandmother wanted to take me to a doctor, and i refused.

just like my RL self, i rarely go out to socialize, i'm very shy and introvert, and i sometimes don't smile. there are times when i want to get back at those who hurt me even if it means beating them up or give them what's coming to them. but nevertheless, i'm very kind to those who are still my friends and tenderhearted. i may look down at those who look at me and may appear cold, but that is not my inside. i just hate it when people piss me off just so they can get their way all the time, be hateful, or getaway with wrongdoing (perverts especially).

i guess i look like Roxie, only my temper is not as bad as hers. i also sometimes run my mouth when someone or something pisses off, so there you have it. that's me right now. ^^;
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February 22, 2014
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